Annoying Selfies Everyone Takes

7 Incredibly Annoying Selfies

Don’t get me wrong, selfies can be great, but for the most part they’re not worth anyone’s time, and some of them have gotten incredibly annoying; there are actually 7 selfies in particular that everyone needs to cut back on. They’re annoying, everyone takes them, and it’s time we stopped the bleeding before it gets any worse.

Without further delay, let’s go over 7 incredibly annoying selfies everyone takes. If you’re guilty of taking any of these selfies, don’t worry, there’s still hope for you, as long as you stray from taking any of these selfies.

1 Eating/Cooking Selfies

On a scale from 1-5, where 1 is not annoying and 5 is Aunt Judy after two glasses of wine, selfies taken while eating or cooking register around a 4. Pretty annoying, but not too big of a deal.

Still, you all need to cut that crap out; no one cares that you’re eating, no one wants to know what you’re eating, and if we’re hungry, you just became the next name on our Hit List, and no, you don’t want to be on the Hit List.

That’s great that you’re enjoying eating or cooking, but it’s something we all like to do; if you were giving us tips or were showing how to prepare your own sushi, then we can talk, but there’s no need for a selfie of you taking a bite out of a slice of pizza. You’re just eating a piece of pizza; do you really think a single person cares?


If you’ve taken an eating selfie, you’ve likely committed this crime more than a few times. Trends die, and I hope this one gets unceremoniously dumped into the Mariana Trench.

2 Toilet Selfies

Not many stoop this low, but when you’re engaged in a ‘certain’ activity, please refrain from taking a selfie.  This is not the kind of nude selfie that anyone wants to see. Yeah, I’m talking about you, people who’ve taken a selfie while on the john.

I’m sure you found it hilarious, and the 9 year old inside of me thought it was funniest thing ever, but in all honesty, do you really think people want to see that? What if they were in the midst of taking a pizza-eating selfie?

You just did something that we’d all rather not have to imagine, and giving us the physical proof of the act itself is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.

3 Driving Selfies

Okay, this trend needs to stop, ASAP. People have died while taking a selfie behind the wheel, and it’s a risk that thousands of people embark on every single day. Whether it’s a selfie or a pic/video of the open road, it’s a terrible idea, yet people are doing it all the time.

I understand if it’s the passenger who’s taking the selfie and you’re in it too, but when you’re behind the wheel, you should be focused on not slamming your hunk of metal into someone else’s hunk of metal, or slamming into anything at all, for that matter.

Plus, since when has anyone ever seen a ‘good’ driving selfie? Your eyes are fixed on the road (hopefully), you’ve got a bunch of things you need to be paying attention to, and you won’t be able to apply filters or anything to beef it up; sounds like a crappy selfie to me (and it’s really annoying and dangerous).

By the way, your mom will flip the f out when she finds out (and she will, because she just figured out how to launch a web browser by herself).

4 Selfies With Domestic Animals

If you’ve got a bear or sharks with lasers attached to their heads, take all the selfies with them that you want; people gobble up that kind of stuff, but if you’re stuck with some boring domestic cats or a family dog, put the smartphone away. Now, I get it, sometimes they’re cute, but for the most part, it’s pretty annoying when we see yet another selfie of you and your cat/puppy (the cat hates you, by the way).

Even if you just got them today, that thing is going to be a a major part of your life as long as it’s alive, and there’s bound to be countless selfies taken with it during that time. Do us a favor and share them rarely or just, you know, leave the dog at your parents’ like everyone seems to do these days.

We don’t mind the cute selfies you take together, just as long as they’re not constantly appearing in our feeds. Basically everyone has had a pet, and for the most part they’re not selfie-worthy.

5 Front & Back Selfies

Mirror pics are a fallacy we have all committed, but in some cases it’s not so bad. The front & back selfie, though, is another story.

You know the type, when you can see the person’s face and at least part of their front while also getting a full view of the rear, these selfies are either ugly thirst traps, thirst traps, or someone forgetting there is a mirror directly behind them. In each of these cases, this selfie isn’t good and it’s rather annoying when you see these on your feed.

Is it simply a thirst trap, or are you trying send a very obvious message to a specific person? Either way, the selfie never looks very good.

If you’re trying to capture someone’s attention in a sexual way, just simply send them a nude or take a direct shot of the front or the back, not both. Don’t try to do too much in one selfie; if they ask for a shot of the booty, give them just that.


6 Hospital Selfies

Back in the day, if someone was taking a photo in a hospital, it was for medical purposes, but nowadays, it’s also for shamelessly attracting sympathy. If you just kicked cancer’s ass, then take all the selfies you want, but if you’re there because you did something stupid, don’t take a selfie.

People are sick, in pain, dying, and combos of the three in hospitals, and at no point do any of them take a selfie. You’re likely in the hospital for something minor, and updating people on your “situation” really isn’t necessary; plus, the kid in the bed next to you might have just gotten out of an 18 hour surgery, and taking a selfie while he’s in loads of pain really isn’t cool.

Selfies are supposed to be taken during fun, lighthearted moments, not in a hospital where some people are having the worst day of their lives.

Got it? Good.

7 Gym Selfies

Yeah, it’s fantastic that you’ve lost a lot of weight or are getting shredded, but you don’t need to take a selfie every week giving us an update. We weren’t keeping tabs on where you are in terms of progress, and frankly, we haven’t been paying attention to your transformation.

When you’re working out and suddenly look over and see someone whipping up a selfie in the mirror, wouldn’t you think about how dumb they look? No matter who you are, you’re gonna look like a goof if you’re taking gym selfies, and since they’re all over everyone’s feed, we’ve gotten pretty fed up with those annoying selfies.

If you want to throw it back to when you first started getting in shape to give us an idea of how much progress you’ve made, that’s okay, but you looked the same last week and the week before; there’s no need for yet another gym selfie. We know you’re there all the time, and most of us aren’t about that life; do us a favor and take it down a notch, thanks.

Taking selfies is a trend that’s taking over the world by storm; you’ve taken one, I’ve taken one, we’ve all taken one. It’s cool that we are so into sharing our lives with the world, but now we’ve reached a point where selfies have lost their luster, and there are 7 types of selfies that have become incredibly annoying.