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7 Selfies That Prove Rich Kids Are The Worst

It’s fun to imagine what it would be like to be insanely wealthy, to not have to worry about anything related to money and finances, to be able to travel the world, buy expensive stuff and basically get turnt and have fun 24/7, 365 days a year. To have to see kids’ extravagant lives online can be a downer though, and it’s hard not to feel a little jealous towards these bastards, kids who don’t seem to fully appreciate how fortunate they are.

I’m sure there are some exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, these spoiled brats seem to be some of the worst kids out there, and there’s more than enough proof. Rather than comb through rich kids’ profiles and accounts online, which is depressing, let’s take a look at 7 selfies that prove rich kids are the worst, conveniently located below.

Try your best not to hate-watch too hard, but it’s normal to walk away from these selfies feeling a little down on your luck. If you work hard unlike they have, you might get to take a ridiculous rich kid selfie too.

#1 I’m On A Boat!

Cool, you have a huge boat, but we all know you didn’t put a cent into buying it. You may have bought that ridiculous selfie stick with your inherited fortune, but that doesn’t make this selfie any better.

Selfie sticks are a joke, and although the amount of zeros in your checking account is nothing to laugh at, no one takes your seriously, “bro”.

#2 Solo Life

Whole Gulfstream to myself, can’t decide where to sit ? by constancepeters

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I’ve got to address this right off the bat: what’s up with the red plastic cup? When scanning rich kids’ online profiles, you’d be hard pressed to find something plastic or cheap, as these kids show out every minute of the day, but it seems like this chick took a shortcut.

Is her family facing a financial crisis? Will her friends still associate themselves with her?

These are important questions that need to be answered. Let’s pray for her.

Flying in a private jet all alone can be a frightening experience, but at least she has her fancy slippers on.

#3 I’m On A Boat! Part 2

God how I miss the summer and spending time In St.Tropez, W/. Marina. by official_alexburnham #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram #yachtlife

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Raise your hand if you’re eating all of your meals alone!

Although the table is set for four, only one person is captured in the photo, and for all we know, the smartphone is on a tripod, rather than in human hands. Bathrobe and designer shades on, this rich kid has it all, including a yacht to travel the seas.

Showing off to us peasants is what rich kids are good at, and this selfie is no exception. If you were going to convict rich kids of being the worst, this could serve as Exhibit A in your closing argument.

#4 Won’t Get In The Chopper

Landed in Italy, headed to the boat and of course we overpacked. ????? by sofiarichie #chopperproblem #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

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Scratch that, this is Exhibit A; two realllyyy rich kids pouting, sitting on opened luggage cases, seemingly desperate for help, yet lacking any kind of real problems – they’ve simply overpacked.

You’ve got a graphite colored helicopter that can carry what seems to be a pretty big load, you’re sitting on a helicopter pad that appears to be on the side of a freakin’ mountain, and you’re pouting about bringing too many clothes? Rich kids, you are definitely the worst, and this selfie proves it.

#5 Bendy-Straw Boys

Casual Fridays in Geneva @yertayev by prokofievkirill #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

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Rich kids splurge at every opportunity, as their bank accounts are seemingly bottomless, and when they drink, they only drink the good stuff. I’m talking about Dom Perignon champagne, and in this selfie, two little brats are slurping it down via bendy straws, something I haven’t used since I was 12, which is how old these rich kids look.

Bendy-Straw Boy on the left has a huge bottle, but it’s doubtful Dad will ever notice it on his credit card statement, unless this rich kid has his own AmEx Black Card, a favorite of rich kids these days. Compared to the bottle his friend has, I’ll guess his parents make a few million more a year than the kid on the right.

Regardless of who’s parents make more money, this selfie is further evidence that rich kids are the worst, especially when it comes to their constant violation of traditional champagne etiquette.

#6 Party Of One

Best of RKOI: #fuckmoney #rkoi #dom #belvedere #rubles #zebra by alex0vf

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Okay, this selfie is pretty bad; lighting up a cigar with what must be high-value foreign legal tender, this rich kid has some fur draped over one shoulder like a wannabe model, only his sunglasses betray any attempt at appearing fashionable, what with the writing featured on the front. Next to the lounging rich kid is an enormous bottle of Belvedere vodka and a reasonably sized bottle of Dom.

This selfie is a complete joke, no matter where you look; to be honest, if you’re trying to flex on the ‘Gram, you’re going to need way more bills than that. There’s only 8 in the whole selfie, and when applying current rich kid standards, that’s weak as hell.

This rich kid is trying to show off how rich he is by lighting a stupid cigar with one of the 8 bills he’s got, and that little black tray you’d expect to be for cocaine has nothing on it. This rich kid probably isn’t even a fully fledged rich kid; seeing how he takes his selfies, he must be new to the game – you need to learn how to walk before you can run, rich boy.

#7 Furry Friends

Best of RKOI: We have had it ✌ #dom #moet #fur #moncler #shehashadit by wes_holland #rkoi

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When taking a selfie with your rich friends, it’s best to bring out all of your expensive designer clothing and furs, and this pair go all out, dressed to the nines and drinking the all-too familiar Dom Perignon. Rich kids have a thing about drinking Dom, and it’s getting pretty annoying.

If you wanted to prove to someone that rich kids are the worst, this selfie will do the trick; look at them, enjoying their relatively stable, extravagant lives without a care in the world.

Down with ‘em all.

The selfies, I mean.